Translational Medicine

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The Master's Degree in Translational Medicine offers the opportunity to obtain excellent training in the academic and research fields. In the academic field, because we offer comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of the basic, clinical and epidemiological molecular aspects related to the main pathogenic human organisms, examined with a cross-disciplinary approach. In the research area, this degree offers exhaustive access to the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to develop research projects related to translational medicine. A large part of the degree is devoted to practical training in research. In recent years there has been a notable increase in public research centres with translational guidance and a progressive interest in biotechnology-related activities by national industries. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for highly qualified scientific professionals to meet today's needs, both in public research centres and in the pharmaceutical industry.
It falls within reason to believe that demand for qualified professionals in translational research will continue to grow in the years to come, both in the academic and the business fields. In clear contrast with this growing demand, today there are no degree studies that train professionals in this type of research. This means that graduates in health sciences of Spain are in worse conditions to compete with similar professionals from other European countries, better trained in this field. This is important in the wake of an increasingly globalized labour market, especially in the field of biomedical research. This master's degree attempts to fill this gap in the training of highly qualified professionals in translational research. The mission of this master's degree is to train a new generation of researchers who are highly competitive to carry out their profession in a field that is currently growing.

Learning objectives

This master's degree provides in-depth, interdisciplinary training in the current practices of translational biomedical research of excellence. Complementary training is therefore offered in official qualifications in medicine, pharmacy, biology, biochemistry and other fields related to health sciences, and aims to provide the students with skills in two areas:

· the principles and practice of current professional activity, comprising the study of agents causing disease or illness, methodologies for treatment, and the bioethical and legal considerations that are most relevant to current activity in translational medicine;
· a broad practical foundation in the use of clinical and experimental research procedures in translational medicine.

Basic Information

Pathway(s) offered:
Number of ECTS credits awarded:
Language(s) of instruction:
 English 100%
Number of places available:
Approximate price:
 46,50 euros per credit (65,87 euros for students who are not EU nationals and do not currently reside in Spain). Fees for the academic year 2018-2019.
Faculty or school:
  Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Master's degree course homepage:
  Master's degree course homepage
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