BEAT Elections – 2022

By 31 agosto, 2022News

The electoral process for the renewal of the Governing Board of the BEAT has concluded. The new members of the Board are as follows:

Personal Investigador Permanent:

Joan Calzada Aymerich

Jesus Marin Solano

Marina Nuñez Oliva

Concepcion Patxot Cardoner

Montserrat Pareja Eastaway

Marc Prat Sabartes

Monica Serrano Gutiérrez

Montserrat Vilalta Bufi

Personal doctor temporal:

Alessandro De Chiara

Investigadors postdoctorals:

Enrique Jorge Sotelo

Personal docent investigador predoctoral:

Carles Mañó

All the information about the electoral process and the resolution can be found in the links below:

Seu Electoral de la UB:

Personal Investigador Permanent:

Personal doctor temporal: 

Personal Investigadors postdoctorals:

Personal docent investigador predoctoral:

The census with the list of BEAT members that can participate in the elections is shown in the link below. Please, verify that your personal information is correct:


The calendar of the electoral process is presented in the following link:



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