Our Mission

BEAT unites researchers from several departments within the University of Barcelona who share the goal of producing excellent and relevant research in Economics.

BEAT aims to become a significant player within Southern European Economics and attract high-quality students and the best scientific talent worldwide.

BEAT  strives to be a centre of reference for both the private and the public sector and to inform the debate about conomic issues.

BEAT is firmly committed to quality because quality is the necessary condition to achieve scientific excellence, academic recognition and societal impact.

BEAT develops its activities along three thematic lines that build on the strengths and synergies among its members.

  • Behavior, Markets and Games
  • Macroeconomics, Development and Trade
  • Environment, Sustainability and Well-Being


The Barcelona Economic Analysis Team (BEAT) is a research institute created at the University of Barcelona in 2016.

The structure of BEAT is consistent with its aims of enhancing the quality and societal impact of Economics research at the University of Barcelona. The following committees work with the director to ensure that BEAT attains its goals.

International Advisory Board

The IAB comprises leading researchers from the international research community who advice BEAT on hiring priorities, potential activities and its strategic direction:

Executive committee

The Executive Committee is in charge of articulating and driving the research strategy of BEAT. It oversees the management of its activities and programmes. The Executive Committee comprises the director of BEAT and the directors of each of the three research lines.

Governing Board

The Governing Board comprises one researcher from each of the seven consolidated research groups which jointly created BEAT.