BEAT strives to provide policymakers, the industry and the general public with the highest quality research output tackling current societal challenges.

Find how BEAT can help you according to your profile:

Policy makers

Governments at all levels are concerned  with areas where BEAT members develop their activities

  • Competition and market regulation
  • Cost-sharing and pricing mechanisms
  • Environmental footprint
  • Health and well-being
  • Gender issues

Members of BEAT have already engaged with public administrations such as

  • The UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
  • The PREDIT programme, launched by two French Ministries
  • The Spanish Foreign Office
  • The Spanish Institute of Fiscal Studies
  • The Parliamentary Commissions on Spanish Regional Finance Reform
  • The Catalan Ministry for Environmental Issues
  • The Catalan Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
  • The Catalan Ministry of Health
  • The Catalan Fiscal Authority
  • The Catalan University Libraries Consortium (CBUC)
  • The Catalan Women Institute
  • The Catalan Statistics Office (IDESCAT)
  • The Badalona Health Authority

Business and industry

Members of BEAT develop their activities in areas that can be relevant to you

  • Organizational design
  • Personnel Economics
  • Environmental issues
  • Competition and market regulation

BEAT’s research can help you to become more profitable and socially responsible by

  • Adapting your organisation’s structure and behavior to new circumstances
  • Improving the productivity of your human resources
  • Providing products that anticipate clients’ social and environmental concerns
  • Training current and future workers
  • Integrating social needs in your productive processes

Civil society organizations

BEAT aims to establish a continuing dialogue between the research community and the civil society through public lectures, media engagement, and training.

Members of BEAT have participated in numerous knowledge transfer activities with

  • Public administrations (Idescat, Barcelona Activa)
  • NGOs (Fuhem Ecosocial)
  • Civil society organizations (Societat Catalana d’Economia, Ateneu Barcelonés)
  • Printed media (Revista Idees, Cuadernos de la Fundación General CSIC, Revista Eines)
  • TV broadcasters (BBC, SkyNews, Dukascopy TV)
  • Specialized internet outlets (VoxEU, Nada es gratis).