Research fields

  • Dynamic Games
  • Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Mathematical Finance 

Selected publications

  • de Frutos Cachorro, J.; Marín-Solano, J.; Navas, J. (2021). Competition between different groundwater uses under water scarcity. Water Resources and Economics 33, 100173.
  • Castañer, A.; Marín-Solano, J.; Ribas, C. (2020). An agreeable collusive equilibrium in differential games with asymmetric players. Operations Research Letters 48, 4-8.
  • Lu, L.; Marín-Solano, J.; Navas, J. (2019). An analysis of efficiency of time-consistent coordination mechanisms in a model of supply chain management. European Journal of Operational Research 279, 211-224.
  • Marín-Solano, J. (2015). Group inefficiency in a common property resource game with asymmetric players. Economics Letters 136, 214-217.
  • De Paz, A.; Marín-Solano, J.; Navas, J.; Roch, O. (2014). Consumption, investment and life insurance strategies with heterogeneous discounting. Insurance Mathematics and Economics 54, 66-75.