Sergi Basco

Research fields

  • International Economics
  • Macroeconomics

Selected publications

  • Basco, Sergi, Jordi Domènech and Joan R. Rosés. 2021 «The Redistributive Effects of Pandemics: Evidence from the Spanish Flu», World Development, forthcoming.
  • Basco, Sergi and Martí Mestieri. 2019. “The World Income Distribution: The Effects of International Unbundling of Production”, Journal of Economic Growth, 24: 189-22.
  • Basco, Sergi. 2014. “Globalization and Financial Development: A Model of the Dot-Com and the Housing Bubbles”, Journal of International Economics, 92 (1): 78-94.
  • Basco, Sergi. 2013. “Financial Development and the Product Cycle”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization,  94: 295-313.
  • Basco, Sergi and Martí Mestieri. 2013. “Heterogeneous Trade Costs and Wage Inequality: A Model of Two Globalizations”, Journal of International Economics, 89(2): 393-406.