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  • Centre d'Estudis Australians i Transnacionals
  • Universitat de Barcelona
    Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
  • 08007 Barcelona
    Telèfon: 93 4035686


About Us


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How We Started

The Australian Studies Centre started it's life in 1990 as the Australian Studies Program within the English Department at the University. Gradually we gained a reputation and were given Centre status by the Humanities Division. Finally in 2007 the University recognised the status and work being done by the Centre and gave it full recognition under the name of Observatory: The Australian Studies Centre.




Membership is free and will give you a discount on any events for which we charge. You will also receive various circulars with events going on around the world in Australian Studies and other areas of interest. These circulars are sent out at least twice a month.

Objectives and activities

  • To promote and research and teaching in Australian Studies within our own institution and others.
  • To promote an exchange of knowledge and tecynological advances within our fields of interest and those of our members.
  • To promote exchange between our institution and others in Australia, to facilitate the exchange of students, staff and materials.
  • To promote collaboration between public and private institutions and outreach to the general public
  • To participate in and organise seminars, conferences, lectures, University Extension courses in accordance with the University guidelines
  • To provide advisory support for visiting academics, writers and students
  • To promote publications such as the Journal  Coolabah
  • To hold a lecture in Honour of Prof. Doireann MacDermott every year. The subject matter for The MacDermott Lecture may be chosen by the speaker invited as the lecture embodies the interdisciplinarity of the Centre
  • To hold an anual or bi-anual interdisciplinary conference
  • To send out regular circulars (at least monthly) to all members with news on forthcoming events around the world.
  • To hold reference material on Australian Studies and to lend to institutions and individuals who request its use. The Centre holds some 700 videos and DVDs at present, together with books and journals.
  • To act as a "clearing house" for academics visiting Spain by helping them, where possible, to make contact with universities, institutions and individuals of interest to them.
  • To promote working relationships with publishing houses to further thje promotion of Australian books in Catalan and Spanish.
  • To continue to work with the Australia Spain Business Association (ASBA) and their Anual EXPO or any other activities they might undertake.
  • To continue to work with the residents artists who take up a position in the Australia Council for the Arts Studio in Barcelona (Fine Arts)
  • To continue to work with UNESCO as we have been doing over the last decade.
  • To maintain the web page.