The Doireann MacDermott Lecture

Every year the Centre hosts "The MacDermott Lecture" in honour of Prof Doireann MacDermott. Prof MacDermott founded the English Department at our university and was the first person outside England to introduce what was then called Commonwealth Studies, today,  Postcolonial Studies.

“The Eighth MacDermott Lecture” was given by Dr Baden Offord(Southern Cross University) and titled “Village in the Jungle” (2007)

"The Ninth MacDermott Lecture" was given by Dr. Shirley Walker (University of New England) and titled "The Frontier Wars: History and Fiction. Alex Miller's Journey To The Stone Country and Landscape Of Farewell. 'These stories must be told lest none be left to think of them and shed a tear'(2008)

"The 20th Doireann MacDermott Lecture". The Sun has Set: Writing Genocide Dr. R. Cheran, Dept of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology, University of Windsor, Canada, 26 de noviembre de 2019,  12.30 h,  aula 3.4







"The 21th Doireann MacDermott Lecture"


"Between the Colonial and the Post-Colonial: Writing and the Creation of a Third-Space Identity" 

Mark G. Sanchez


14 desembre 2020,

17.30 h. 


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  Organitza: Centre d'Estudis Australians i Transnacionals de la Universitat de Barcelona i Màster CRIC.   
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