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  • Centre d'Estudis Australians i Transnacionals
  • Universitat de Barcelona
    Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
  • 08007 Barcelona
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  •   CEA

    Sexuality and Age Care in Spain and Australia (1998, finalised)

    • UB: Assumpta Rigol, Maria Honrubia 
    • Postgraduate Student Collaborators: Laura Álvarez Torres, Glòria Beltrán González, Antonio García Gómez, Antonio Moreno Poyato, Nuria Viadel Jimenez
    • La Trobe University Gerontologic Nursing Professorial Unit: Professor Rhonda Nay, Cathy Barret, Cally Berryman
    • Department of Nursing, University of Southern Queensland: Professor Don Gorman

    Lives in Migration: Rupture and Continuity (2010, finalised)

    • UB: Dr Isabel Alonso Breto, Dr Susan Ballyn, Dr Jaime de Cordoba, Dr Elisa Morera de la Vall, Dr William Charles Phillips, Dr Martin Renes
    • CESAG, Mallorca: Dr Caty Ribas

    Postcolonial Crime Fiction: a global window into social realities (POCRIF)

    • UB: Dr Susan Ballyn, Dr William Charles Phillips, Dr Martin Renes
    • UDL, Lleida: Dr Isabel Santaularia
    • CESAG, Mallorca: Dr Caty Ribas


    Dr Isabel Alonso (English Studies, UB) 

    • Project “Relations and Networks in Indian Ocean Literature” ” (FFI2012-32626): South African writers of Indian origin.
    • Research Group Ratnakara: Sri Lankan literatures in English.
    • Postcolonial, Migration and Diaspora Studies.
    • Dr Susan Ballyn (English Studies, UB)

      • Spanish, Lusophone and Hispanic Convicts Transported to Australia
      • Surgeons' Journals on Male Convict Ships
      • The biography of Adelaide de la Thoresa, A Spanish convict in Australia (Research done with Prof Lucy Frost, University of Tasmania, and Co-Director, Centre for Colonialism and its Aftermath), 1996-2006
      • Biographies of Spanish Female Convicts
      • Dedal-LIT, consolidated project on Ageing and part of the European Project SIforAGE (UDL, Lleida), and
      • Female Convict Research Centre (UTAS, Tasmania)

    Dr Jaime de Córdoba (Fine Arts, UB) 

    • Aesthetic Passports in Contemporary Art
    • Dr Maria Grau (English Studies, UB)

    • Caribbean non-migrant Literature and its Translation into Spanish: The Case of Trinidadianauthor Earl Lovelace (PhD dissertation in progress)
    • Caribbean Literature
    • Literary Translation
    • Dr Kathleen Firth (Independent scholar retired from UB)

    • Caribbean, Indian and Canadian diasporic literature

    Dr Emma Martinell (Hispanics, UB) 

    • Galician and Asturian Migrants in Australia
    • Presencia actual de voces prehispanas americanas en lenguas de cultura del mundo / Contemporary presence of pre-Hispanic American voices in other languages (project vehicle language: Spanish)
    • Adquisición de la conciencia lingüística: contacto de lenguas y de pueblos / The acquisition of linguistic awareness: contact between languages and peoples (project vehicle language: Spanish)

    Ms Victoria Medina (Archaeology, UB) 

    • Migrant cultural baggage: Tradition and Cultural Identity among the Yolngu in Arnhem Land and the Wê in the Ivory Coast
    • “Dieta humana y subsistencia en el margen occidental del lago Natrón (Tanzania): los recursos alimentarios en el registro arqueológico plio-pleistocénico de Peninj” (“The human diet and subsistence in the eastern fringe  of the Natron Lake (Tanzania): food sources in the Peninj archaeological plio-pleistocene register”) (PhD dissertation in progress)

    Dr Elisa Morera de la Vall (English Studies, UB)

    • The Just Among the Nations: Jewish Literature after the Holocaust

    Dr Ma Angeles Pérez (Hispanics, UB)

    • Waves of Migration between Spain and South America

    Dr Bill Phillips (English Studies, UB) 

    • Migration in literature (includes: Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Irlanda, England, The Caribbean)
    • Postcolonial crime fiction POCRYF (ministerial project)

    Dr Martin Renes (English Studies, UB)

    • Postdoctoral research on Aboriginal Literature
    • Postcolonial literatures and cinema from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
    • Postcolonial Crime Fiction

    Dr Catalina Ribas (English Studies, CESAG Mallorca) 

    • Contemporary Migrant Literature in Australia
    • Cultural Continuum theory
    • Postcolonial Crime Fiction

    Mr Carles Serra (English Studies, UB; Philosophy, UPF) 

    • The notion of the 'sign' in the genesis of Derridean deconstruction (Master’s, UPF)
    • The representation of masculinities in David Malouf's fiction (PhD, UB)

    Dr Jordi Serralonga (Archaeology, UOC/Catalan Open University)

    • Anthropology: Ecology, Behaviour and Material Culture among the Yolngu in Arnhem Land (Australia)
    • Archaeology: The Natural History of the Moa (New Zealand)

    Dr David Serrat (Geology, UB) 

    • Glacial geology: correlations between Pyrenees, Alpine National Park (Australia), Southern Alps (NZ) and Patagonian Andes

    Dr Dolors Soriano (Curator of Ethnologic Museum, Barcelona) 

    • Migrant cultural baggage: Tradition and Cultural Identity among the Yolngu in Arnhem Land and the Wê in the Ivory Coast