Thesis deposit

You have reached the end of the thesis. You just have to submit it and defend it. We tell you step-by-step how to do it. You can also see this video that shows you all the steps that you have to follow.

Before submitting the thesis

Before submitting the thesis you have to bear in mind some things:

  • Each doctoral programme or each Faculty can have a specific regulation on the submitting of the thesis. Your supervisor, your coordinator or the Secretary's office of the Faculty will inform you. Doctorate (Department / Institute responsible for your doctorate).
  • Before submitting the thesis you have to be sure that you have fulfiled all requirements: the research plan has to be approved, you did the annual monitoring and activities report. You should also check if the registered title is correct. Many doctoral students change the project shortly before submission. If you have to change its title, you have to do it before the submission (The title has to be approved by the Academic Commission of the doctoral programme) and that takes time.
  • If your thesis consists of a compilation of papers, you have to be sure that you have the necessary papers and that they are published in journals with certain characteristics of impact and quality. Requirements may change depending on the programme or the Faculty. Your supervisor, programme coordinator or the academic secretary will inform you.
  • If you plan to get the international mention of the doctorate, you have to submit the corresponding request to the Faculty.
  • In case of thesis with co-tutorship, you have to check as well the procedure of the other university and check if the agreement is valid. For example, it will be necessary to modify the agreement if you have changed the title, the supervisor or the doctoral programme.
  • If the thesis has to be confidentially protected (confidentiality statement), you have to check the procedure.

Deposit request

After finishing the doctoral thesis, you have to request the Academic Commission of the programme to authorise its deposit. This request can be done as long as the research plan has two consecutive positive monitoring and annual evaluation reports.

The authorisation request to deposit the doctoral thesis has to be submitted to the Academic Secretary's office of the Faculty and has to be officially registered. You have to submit the following documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Deposit authorisation reports of the supervisors and tutor.
  3. Activities documents
  4. A bound copy of the thesis signed by the doctoral student. The following information must be included on the cover or on the first page: the name of the doctoral programme, the title of the thesis, the name and surnames of the doctoral student, the name and surnames of the thesis supervisors and the tutor. The thesis should include an abstract, a general introduction, the objectives, the methodology, the results or the development of the ideas, the final conclusions and the bibliography. The academic commissions of the programmes can establish other requirements regarding the format and content according to the scope of the thesis. In case of submitting a thesis consisting of a compilation of papers or in case of thesis that are in process of protection or transfer of technology or knowledge, you have to check what is established in this regulation.
  5. A digital copy of the doctoral thesis.
  6. A CV in digital format.
  7. A form with all necessary data about the thesis for its publication in the institutional repository of the University of Barcelona and the repository of the TDX thesis, as well as the form with all the necessary data for the TESEO database according to the standard form. The TESEO form has to include at least the personal data of the doctoral student, the abstract of the thesis and the UNESCO codes.
  8. A form with the proposal of the thesis committee, declaration of each member in which it is shown that he/she meets the requirements to be part of the committee, as well as the CV of the members who are not from the University of Barcelona. To know more about the characteristics of the thesis committee, click here. You have to request the proposal forms at each Faculty.
  9. The extra necessary documents in case you want to submit a thesis consisting of a compilation of papers, a thesis written in other languages than those specified in the programme and in case of international mention and co-tutorship.

Approval of the defence and designation of the thesis committee

The Academic Commission of the doctoral programme has to approve its defence. Some commissions may request external reports that guarantee the scientific quality of the thesis. It also approves the thesis committee.

Subsequently, the doctoral Commission of the Faculty has to approve the thesis defence and designates the thesis committee. The schedule of these procedures may vary according to the schedule of each programme or Faculty but it will be around 20-30 days. Check the calendar of meetings of these Commissions.

If the Commissions notice format or content defects in the submitted thesis, it is possible that they tell you to revise it, change or complete it before submitting it again.

Thesis deposit

  • The rest of copies. Some thesis committees accept to receive the thesis in digital format. Other committees only accept it in paper. Usually the Secretary's offices send the doctoral thesis to the thesis committees but in some cases you can choose to give it personally.
  • In order to publish the doctoral thesis in the net of doctoral thesis repository (TDX) you have to submit a CD-ROM with the following content:
    • The complete thesis
    • An abstract about the content of the thesis in the same language of it.
    • The translation into English of this abstract. If the thesis is written in English, the translation has to be into Catalan or Spanish.
  • The declaration of edition of the doctoral thesis. In these links you will find the information of the CDU and IBIC codes and the areas of knowledge that you will have to specify in this document. You have to bear in mind that these codes may be very general, such as the CDU. The IBIC codes are more detailed and the UNESCO codes are the most specific ones. You have to find the nearest and the one that suits best regarding the content of your thesis.

The thesis will be seven days in the deposit. During this period, any doctor can examine the thesis and formulate, by writing, the considerations that he/she considers regarding the content of it for the Thesis Defence Authorisation Committee of the Doctoral School.

The Academic Secretary's office will notify the members of the thesis committee of their appointment and its President will set the day and time of the defence.

If you arrive to this point, you have everything done before defending the thesis.

Legislation and regulation applicable to the procedure



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