Training activities

In addition to the of doctoral thesis, the doctoral training must include both transverse and specific training activities. Each program has training requirements and a minimum number of hours to complete.

Specific training activities

They are offered by each doctoral program and that is related to its field of research. Consult in each program the training it offers and ask for each program.

Training capsules organized by EDUB

The UB Doctoral School (EDUB) offers a series of transversal training activities to offer the doctoral student a complementary training and that can be carried out independently of their research training. They are aimed at all researchers in training enrolled in a Doctoral Program of the University of Barcelona.

Each participant will receive an accrediting certificate that can be used as a transversal training within each doctoral program.

These activities called "training capsules", are structured in different formats and are programmed throughout each academic year. They are free for all people enrolled in the UB doctorate.

The capsules offered are very diverse:
- How does the doctorate work?
- What to do after the doctorate
- Initiation to statistics
- Introduction to qualitative techniques
- Control of stress in the doctorate
- Use of the audivisual in the doctoral thesis
- Elaboration of maps and graphs
- Ethical aspects of research
- Entrepreneurship
- Publication in scientific journals
- Research disclosure
- Publish in open access
- etc.

The capsules are offered in Catalan, Spanish and English. Information and registration are done through the virtual campus. Each capsule generally has a duration of 4 hours.

Welcome session

Doctoral students participate in a training session, at the beginning of their doctorate, where they are informed of the operation of the doctorate, operation of predoctoral contracts, research at the UB, ethical aspects of the research, etc. An specific Welcome session is offered for international students.

Other training activities

The Doctoral School (EDUB) also recognizes training activities carried out in collaboration with other institutions, especially with the Institute of Education Sciences ("ICE" courses).


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