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Markel Kortabarria

Markel Kortabarria


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I graduated in Philosophy in 2018 at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in Donostia, San Sebastian. In 2020 I completed the Aphil MA at the University of Barcelona (UB) presenting my final master's thesis ''Kinds & Essences: Rescuing The New Biological Essentialism'' done under the supervision of professor Esa Diaz-Leon.

As a professional philosopher I'm mostly interested in questions concerning the domains of metaphysics, meta-metaphysics, and metaphilosophy. I'm an ardent defender of the thought that metaphysics is a serious discipline worth engaging with, which if done with care, can be of greater utility by illuminating central and transversal questions to all of philosophy. My doctoral project is focused on investigating the usefulness of grounding in contemporary metaphysical research. Currently I focus on defending the notion from the attacks of eliminativist skepticism and exploring the explanatory connection of grounding with the very interesting notions of constitutive and metaphysical explanation. More recently I have become interested in issues related to ontic structural realism and naturalistic approaches to metaphysics.

Philosophy aside, I'm what you might as well call a geek. Among my most personal pleasures is enjoying horror movies. But most of my free time is wasted being a dungeon master to my friends, playing magic the gathering, and enjoying video games as well as dark electronic music.

Selection of Publications

  • Markel Kortabarria. 0

    A Defense on the Usefulness of 'Big-G' Grounding

  • Markel Kortabarria. 0

    Grounding and metaphyscial explanation: Is it really that complicated?

  • Markel Kortabarria, Joaquim Giannotti. 0

    Could Scientific Explanation be a Better Guide to Ground?