Research Group in Analytic Philosophy

CONCEDIS - Shifting Concepts and Hybrid Dispositionalism

Duration: 2017 - 2019

Code: FFI2015-73767-JIN

Principal Investigator

Teresa Marques (teresamatosferreira@ub.edu)


An important focus of inquiry concerns the nature of the properties denoted by some central concepts for human life, value concepts. What properties can they express? How is linguistic communication about value possible given widespread cross­personal variation? And how can emotional language produce motivational effects in action? This project develops Hybrid Dispositionalism (HD). HD is a new pluralist theory about normative and evaluative discourse, combined with a dispositional metaphysical theory about the nature of the properties denoted. The project argues that dispositional or response­​ ​dependent value properties are *de nobis* or collective dispositions. The project affords a comprehensive account of norms and values, and combines contextualism at the level of​ ​semantic content with expressivism at the pragmatic level. HD promises to be a successful​ alternative to other extant theories, while fitting with experimental data on conceptual​ ​variability, and current research on collective intentionality. The project further promises to​ ​make a vital contribution to current philosophical reflection on public and political discourse,​ ​and its impact on a multicultural and diverse society.




- Reading group: Value Talk (VT) (first and second semester)

- Reading group: Kate Manne, Down Girl - The Logic of Misogyny (OUP) (second semester)


Diaphora Outreach, with Esa Díaz León, on the Philosophy Festival Barcelona Pensa , on Dangerous Speech (in Spanish)


Workshop: Language & Power XII Interuniversity Workshop on Mind, Art, and Morality, organized with Esa Díaz León, 22-23 May 2018, University of Barcelona