Pla de formació en idiomes per a la internacionalització de la docència. Basic skills and tools to teach content subjects in English II

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:: This course is addressed to:

People who have already taken and passed the Basic skills and tools to teach content subjects in English course, and who are interested in continuing to examine the topics and teaching tools needed to give classes in English.

:: Obligation

Taking this course means that the participant is obliged to give an entire subject (or at least part) in English, within a maximum period of two years if their college requires it.

:: Aims

The objectives of this class are to replicate the classroom experience for the participants as much as possible. The students will be required to teach two short lessons during the 30-hour class. Prior to teaching, participants should explain what conceptual and linguistic problems they envisage students will have and how they intend to address these. While one participant teaches, the others must be taking notes, preparing questions, trying to understand the lesson being taught, and be preparing to fill out a lesson critique form. After each lesson there will be a question and answer time, and all participants must have questions prepared for each classroom lesson.

Emphasis will be placed on pronunciation and intonation, as well as overall class presentation and CLIL methodology. Negotiation of meaning will also be a central focus on the skills studied in class. Participants will also consider aspects such as visual aids, materials presentation and assessment in English.

At the end of the 30-hour class the participants should feel more confident and experienced not only while giving lectures, but also explaining the content to learners not as familiar with the subject matter.

:: Teacher: Vanesa Toquero

:: Duration:  30 hours

:: Number of students:  20

:: Schedule:

Tuesday & Thursday, 15 – 18 h
From 28th of May to 28th of June
Room A7 (Facultat de Farmàcia, Campus Diagonal)

:: Course preregistration:

Preregistration is compulsory for all the teaching staff interested in joining a group.

End of pre-registration period: May, 21

Places will be confirmed 22nd of May. You may consult your acceptance into the class on the IDP-ICE website (

:: Pre-registration

For more information, please visit: