17th National and 9th Ibero-American Congress of Pedagogy + World Education Research Association Focal Meeting 2020

From June 1 to 3 2020, the 17th National and 9th Ibero-American Congress of Pedagogy and the World Education Research Association Focal Meeting in Santiago de Compostela will be held simultaneously under the slogan and thematic reference Network Education: Diverse Realities, Common Horizons.

The thematic lines are:

  1. The action and socio-educational processes in the network society
  2. Education in the face of the challenge of diversity and social inclusion. Cross-cultural and intercultural perspectives
  3. Innovation and educational change. Advances and resistances
  4. Ecologies of learning in the digital age. Training and Professionalization in the knowledge society
  5. Open education: skills, resources and materials
  6. Processes of elaboration, management and transfer of educational knowledge
  7. Leadership, quality and network education
  8. Educational orientation in a connected world. Participation, inclusion and coexistence
  9. Evaluation as educational optimization in the welfare society
  10. Education, personal development and learning processes
  11. Education, employability and vocational training

Proposals for the presentation of symposiums, communications and posters can be made by sending abstracts to both meetings through the following links:

· XVII National and IX Ibero-American Congress of Pedagogy:


· WERA Focal Meeting:



Deadline for submitting proposals: December 1, 2019

Deadline for acceptance of proposals: February 1, 2020

Deadline for submitting the final text: April 30, 2020


For more information: