Institute of Research in Education


The Institute for Research in Education is conceived as an autonomous center, linked to the University of Barcelona (UB), promoter of research in education.

Education is conceived as one of the fundamental pillars of developed societies, and the educational level achieved by the citizenship of a country is an indicator of their degree of economic and social development.  

The centrality of knowledge requires citizenship capable of continuously updating their learning. For this reason, education is configured as a strategic sector and an instrument for improving the individual well-being of society. 


1- To promote the research activity in the field of education and the synergies between researchers and research groups in the areas of common knowledge.

2- Create and consolidate permanent lines of research with leading projects in the different sectors of education

3- Foster the excellence of research.

4- To create systems of projection and transfer of the investigations from a multidisciplinary and international perspective.

5- Contribute to the training of researchers and offer advisory services, consultancy and guidance on the topics of our areas.

6- Cooperate with the other research institutions of the UB and with other Universities and public and private entities to define strategies of shared research.

7- To promote innovation processes in different educational fields.