The pedagogical attraction to the sea during the 20th century

Barcelona, 23, 24 and 25 November 2022


The Research Group on Contemporary Pedagogical and Social Thought (GREPPS) of the University of Barcelona and the Society for the History of Education in Catalan Language Countries (a subsidiary of the Institute of Catalan Studies) are organising this activity which will focus on the relationship between the sea and pedagogy.


The thematic axes are:

  1. The sea as a pedagogical landscape
  2. The sea as a channel of communication and exchange
  3. The sea and the discovery of corporeality
  4. The sea and aesthetic education
  5. The sea as a voyage: research and teaching and the history of education.



– Deadline for submission of papers: 22 October 2021

– Notification of acceptance, or not, of the paper proposal: 21 January 2021

– Accepted paper proposals will have the possibility to submit a fuller text to be published in a book edited by a prestigious academic publisher. The rules of the originals will be published in the next circulars and on the website of the International Conference on the History of Education: https://25jihe.iec.cat/

– Papers should be sent in word format to the following e-mail address: 25jornades.hist.educ@correu.iec.cat

– A maximum of two authors can sign the paper and they must be registered to the Conference.

– A maximum of two papers per participant may be sent.

– The paper must specify

o Full name of the author

o E-mail address

o Title of the proposal

o Thematic focus of the paper

o A 400-500 words abstract and 4 keywords in one of the languages of the conference -Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, English-.


Key dates:

22 October 2021: deadline for submitting the paper proposal.

21 January 2022: response on the acceptance of the proposal

17 June 2022: deadline for payment of the reduced registration fee

29 July 2022: deadline to submit the full paper for publication in a reputable academic publisher.


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