7 days for the 9th International Symposium on Didactics of Social Sciences in the Ibero-American Context!

Between October 2nd and 4th, the 9th International Symposium on Didactics of Social Sciences in the Ibero-American Context will take place at the Palau de les Heures (Mundet Campus, University of Barcelona).

The DHiGeCS research group (Didactics of History, Geography and other Social Sciences), together with the Professional Development Institute, organize this event following a work path started in 2001. The event counts on the collaboration of several universities of international scope, especially Ibero-American.

In this edition, we will have the opportunity to listen to lectures by researchers such as Jean Bricmont (Professor Emeritus of the University of Leuven) or Nicholas James (Director of Studies in Social Anthropology at the Magdelene College, Cambridge), or papers by Terrie Epstein (Professor of the New York University), among many other national and international speakers.

In addition, more than 100 specialists will gather to present their communications about their research related to the thematic lines, which in this edition will be:

Innovation, research and pseudoscience. Reflections on the scientific status of research in the field of Social Sciences.

Heritage, art and education: problems and methods. Discussions on the current problems that arise around education in the heritage and artistic field. Reflection on methodologies and resources used.

Teaching and learning of Social Sciences and Education for Citizenship. Analysis on the state of research in Social Sciences didactics related to the didactic treatment of History, the construction of the citizen dimension, gender perspective and digital culture.

Critical thinking in the digital society: media literacy and entertainment. Research and educational innovations around the use of different media, digital culture and recreational strategies.


For additional information about the event, all speakers and lecturers, or to download the symposium and communications program, visit the official website: www.ub.edu/ixsimposiodcs