Conferences “Uses, possibilities and limits of information and communication technologies”

Conferences offers a broad and critical look at the incorporation of technology in the practice of professionals in education and social action.

It is an opportunity to become aware of the changes, opportunities and limits that the incorporation of the digital layer in our lives (leisure, work, studies …) supposes from various approaches, which affect: the challenges for the construction of identities in the digital society; in the reality of training (teaching-learning) in the 21st century (characterized by constant connection), as well as in the ability to intervene to contribute to the construction of a new social model, often promoted from spaces outside the administrations .

Organized around the subject “Uses, possibilities and limits of information and communication technologies”, of the Degree in Social Education at the Faculty of Education – University of Barcelona, ​​it is open to the entire educational community and to the general public.

1. 11/18/2020
Conference: Digital technologies in the era of Covidien-19. Many possibilities, but too many risks
Ezequiel Passeron, director of Faro Digital
[Time option a: 8.30-9.30] [Time option b: 15.30-17.30]

2. 11/18/2020
Conference: Technological spaces for community participation
Marc Pascual, pedagogical coordinator of the Espai Tecnològic del Casal dels Infants del Raval
[Time: 9.00-10.00]

3. 11/20/2020
Conference: Experiences of creation and production of RDP with adolescents at risk of exclusion
Anna Martínez, head of the RDP del Centre Social Fundació Salut Alta
[Time: 9:00-10: 00]

4. 11/25/2019
Conference: Wikipedia: generating knowledge
Luisina Ferrante, researcher/doctoral student Education and Society Program; responsible for Wikimedia Argentina’s Education and Human Rights Program
[Time option a: 8.30-9.30] [Time option b: 15.30-17.30]

5. 11/25/2020
Conference: Digital literacy and uses of ICT in the prison environment
Elisenda Sancenon and Elisabet Boo, Social Educators at the Department of Justice
[Time: 9:00-10:00]

Place: Online – University of Barcelona

To attend, prior registration is required:
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Teaching team: Marc Fuertes, Núria Molas, Antonio Bartolomé, Pablo Rivera, Carles Lindín.

The cycle is developed with the collaboration/sponsorship of the Faculty of Education.
Line: “XIII Call for grants from the Faculty of Education for the organization of academic, cultural and university extension activities. Fall 2020”.