Do you know the Pecha Kucha method to make quick and suggestive presentations? Notice: it is the method by which communications will be presented at the 1st International Congress of Research in Education (November 4 and 5, Barcelona)

As a curiosity, the term Pecha Kucha comes from Japanese. It is an onomatopoeia to refer to the sound of a casual conversation. It is 20×20 presentations, this is 20 slides (usually images) x 20 seconds presentation per slide.


How is it done? Five step guide:


  1. Define the basic structure: divide the subject into the usual sections or chapters, but making sure that it is a multiple of 20
  2. Divide the sections: divide 20 by the number of sections
  3. Develop the concepts: decide what are the essential concepts of each section and assign a slide to each.
  4. Try: rehearsal time! Try to develop each concept in 20 seconds. For the most complex, make an effort of synthesis and for the simplest, try to add some “nod” to help liven up.
  5. Quality control: ask someone to listen to you and give you feedback, constructive criticism that helps you and your Pecha Kucha to improve.


Remember that if you have not yet registered for the I International Congress of Research in Education, you can do so in the following link: