DRAC scholarships for UB students until September 15

News via https://www.ub.edu/portal/web/educacio/detall-noti/-/detall/borses-d-ajut-drac-2019-per-a-estudiats-per-assistir-a-cursos- seminaris-o-altres-activitats-de-la-xarxa-viv-1


The DRAC program has launched the DRAC scholarships for students of the University of Barcelona to attend courses, seminars or other activities of the Vives Network of Universities or its member universities.


There are two modalities within the scholarships :

– DRAC-Winter (aimed at undergraduate or engineering students with more than 60 passed credits)

– DRAC-Advanced Training (aimed at doctoral and official master’s students)


Applications can be submitted until September 15, 2019 to any UB registry.


Check the conditions and resolution periods on the Vives Network website.