Interview with Dr. Antonio Bartolomé Pina, Director of the Institute for Research in Education on online teaching: “Very intense training would be necessary for the change of paradigm”.

The director of the Institute for Research in Education, Professor Antonio Bartolomé Pina, was interviewed in April by Dr. Silvia Andrea Cristian Ladaga to discuss online teaching, a subject whose analysis and approach is more necessary and urgent than ever, as we have seen in these times of pandemic.


Throughout the interview, Dr. Antonio Bartolomé warns of the specificity of virtual teaching and the need to make a paradigm shift so that there is no displacement of strategies from classroom teaching to virtual teaching. In this sense, he considers that an important technological change has already taken place on the part of university teachers, who have discovered a universe of very practical tools that offer quick and attractive solutions to teaching. On another front, Dr. Antonio Bartolomé observes that there is an important change that has not yet taken place, consisting of the professors’ self-conception: there has to be a turnaround that involves no longer considering themselves as professionals who provide and manage information, but rather as training professionals.


You can watch the interview here.