New article: Gender perspective in the training of Physical Education teachers

By María Teresa LLeixa Arribas, Susanna Soler Prat, Pedrona Serra Payeras.


As reflected in the literature and current regulations, the training of future physical education teachers on gender perspective is a necessity and a requirement in schools, sports activities, and society. This is essential for the transformation of traditional gender models and relationships, as well as for everything they entail. Therefore, incorporating critical reflection and providing tools for variations should be a mandatory task for teacher-training-focused universities. However, in physical education teacher training, or in Physical Activity and Sports Science education, feelings of rejection and discomfort in relation to gender issues are common among university professors. In order to help teachers overcome these barriers and have tools to develop a gender-sensitive teaching, in this article we present a pedagogical approach to incorporate gender perspective in the training of physical education teachers, as well as a proposal of learning situations that can be applied to this training.

Key words

teacher training, gender perspective, physical education, teaching materials, coeducation



Llexà Arribas, M. T., Soler Prat, S. & Serra Payeras, P. (2019). Gender perspective in the training of Physical Education teachers. Retos, 37(37).