The Governing Council of the University of Barcelona approves the regulation of IRE

On 7 October 2020, the Governing Council of the University of Barcelona approved the Regulations for the creation and operation of the internal research and transfer structures of the University of Barcelona, ​​which regulate research institutes, which it was amended by agreement of the Governing Council of 14 October 2021. Therefore, at the proposal of the Research Committee, the Governing Council approves a new Internal Operating Regulation of the Research Institute of Education.
The Institute for Research in Education was set up in 2016 by resolution of the rector at the proposal of the Faculty of Education created in 2014 from the merger of the faculties of Teacher Training and Pedagogy. In the context of the new Faculty, the Institute was created with the aim of fostering synergies between research staff and research groups at the University of Barcelona working in the field of education in order to promote interdisciplinary research and of excellence.