The University of Barcelona publishes the “Guide to the correct identification of authorship and institutional affiliation”.

The guide aims to improve the visibility of UB research teams that sign scientific articles and the institution at national and international levels.

The document sets out guidelines for the UB’s institutional signature, with the recommendation to use the standardised signature or unique bibliographic name (NBU). It also provides guidelines for including the institution’s name in accordance with the different situations that may arise. All of this will positively impact the reliability of bibliometric indicators of quality, scientific productivity, impact, and international collaboration.

On the other hand, the guide also presents recommendations for the collaboration of researchers in the media. Firstly, it is considered essential to affiliation to the UB when disseminating aspects related to the area of expertise in the media. In addition, it is also necessary to mention the different affiliations in the event of belonging to other UB institutions. Examples of good practice accompany these recommendations.


Find the guide here.