Visit of Prof. Bie Dunrong (Xiamen University, China) and Ms. Li Peiya (SIAS University, China)

At the head of the first official Chinese delegation to go abroad in the last two years, Prof. Bie Dunrong had traveled to Barcelona to take part in the 1st Global Forum of Higher Education Associations, held on 17 May as part of UNESCO World Higher Education Week 2022. The CAHE will organize the 2024 Forum, as part of his future presidency of the convening federation.

Friday, May 20 and accompanied by Mrs. Li Peiya, from the CAHE secretariat, Prof. Bie paid a visit to the UB, where he was received by the Rector’s Delegate for International Networks, Prof. Bibiana Crespo and the Coordinator for Chinese Universities, of the Office of the Vice President for Internationalization Policy, Prof. Javier Orduña. He had previously visited the Faculty of Education, where he was received by the Vice Dean for Transfer Relations and Relations with Society, Prof. Josep Alsina. The Chinese delegation also had the opportunity to greet the Vice Dean for Research of the Faculty, Prof. Anna Ayuste. the UB Institute for Educational Research was also present at the meeting. Prof. Assumpta Aneas, a member of the IRE board of directors, spoke on behalf of its Director, Prof. Antonio Bartolomé.

The Institute of Education of the Chinese University of Xiamen has been in contact with the UB Institute for Research in Education since the invitation to Prof. before the pandemic. Aneas to present a paper at the International Conference “Teaching Innovation in Higher Education and World-class Undergraduate Education” held in Xiamen in November 2019. As a result of this participation, Prof. Aneas participated in several workshops and give lectures at the Center for Higher Education Development Research at the University of Xiamen The Institute for Research in Education at the University of Barcelona and the Institute for Education at the University of Xiamen are working to finalize actions that can be formalized in research projects, training actions and two-way transfer.