Mesoscale and microscale atmospheric modelling and research group -MAiR- started on January 2010 as an initiative of a researchers group from the Departament de Física aplicada of the University of Barcelona. The group research is focused on studying and improving the knowledge of physical processes that take part in the atmosphere, in middle (meso) and small (micro) scales.

MAiR research contributes to improve the knowledge about atmospheric circulations patterns, especially those corresponding to complex terrain areas or strong surface discontinuities, as coastal zones. It is on these areas, where atmospheric circulations, especially those related to meso and micro scales interact strongly leading to complex meteorological processes. One of the most important applications of atmospheric modelling is the numerical simulation of atmospheric pollutant transport and diffusion, particularly those emitted in the boundary layer (microscale). Related to this topic, MAiR focuses his research activity on the implementation, improvement and application of a coupled Eulerian Air Quality Models (ARAMIS.cat). These systems are integrated by meteorological models, emission models and photochemical models. At the same time, MAiR give services to companies and public governments interested in air quality management. The main areas of competence of MAiR are environmental impact studies, meteorological forecasts, emissions modelling and air quality modelling.

Moreover, MAiR as a group belonging to the University of Barcelona, is interested in education activities, training new researchers in order to maintain, join and promote the group in the future.

MAiR Team