A voice of their own: Women's Spirituality in the Middle Ages

Our Team has developed A voice of their own: Women's Spirituality in the Middle Ages, a MOOC that introduces the different landscapes of women's spirituality in the Middle Ages.

The course is offered in English with subtitles in English, Spanish and Catalan, and stems from the results of the research carried out by the team of Spiritual Landscapes.

Coordinator: Delfi I. Nieto-Isabel

This is the syllabus of the MOOC:

UNIT 1: A voice of their own. Introduction

1.1 Spiritual context: nuns, Beguines, the awakening of the laity, mendicant ordersBlanca Garí (U. of Barcelona)

1.2 Evolution of female monasticism: from double monasteries to Benedictine and Cistercian nuns, Poor Clares and Dominican nunsRaquel Alonso (U. of Oviedo)

1.3 New MysticismBlanca Garí (U. of Barcelona)

1.4 Persecution and Dissent: The Perspective of the ChurchDelfi Nieto (U. of Barcelona)

1.5 Women Changing Spaces: the effect of female spirituality on the territory and the cityNúria Jornet (U. of Barcelona)

Optional videos:

1.6 Women and ConfraternitiesConcha Rodríguez (U. of Barcelona)

1.7 Women on the MoveNúria Jornet (U. of Barcelona)

UNIT 2: The House of the Heart. Female Nunneries in the Middle Ages

2.1 Pre-mendicant monasticismRaquel Alonso (U. of Oviedo)

2.2 Mendicant nunsSilvia Pérez (Pablo de Olavide University)

2.3 EnclosureLaura Cayrol (EHESS)

2.4 The Daily Rythm of the NunneryNúria Jornet (U. of Barcelona)

2.5 Books and Archives in the ConventNúria Jornet (U. of Barcelona)

Optional videos:

2.6 Benefactors, sponsors, and promotersLaura Cayrol (EHESS)

2.7 Founding Queens: Isabel of Portugal, Sança of Mallorca, Elisenda de MontcadaFilomena Andrade (Universidade Aberta de Portugal)

UNIT 3: The Space Within. Female Mysticism in the Middle Ages

3.1 Hildegard of BingenVictoria Cirlot (Pompeu Fabra University)

3.2 The convent of HelftaMarimar Graña (Pontifical University of Comillas)

3.3 Hadewijch of Antwerp and Courtly MysticismBlanca Garí (U. of Barcelona)

3.4 Marguerite PorèteBlanca Garí (U. of Barcelona)

3.5 Julian of Norwich and Margery KempeDavid Carrillo (U. of Barcelona)

Optional videos:

3.6 Isabel de Villena and the tradition of the Vita ChristiBlanca Garí (U. of Barcelona)

3.7 Bridget of SwedenDavid Carrillo (U. of Barcelona)

UNIT 4: Voices of Dissent

4.1 Good Women: The Female Side of CatharismDaniela Müller (Nijmegen University)

4.2 Preaching Voices: The Role of Women among the Poor of LyonDelfi Nieto (U. of Barcelona)

4.3 Guglielmites: A Heresy in the Name of a WomanJanine Larmon Peterson (Marist College New York)

4.4 The Burned Beguines of LanguedocDelfi Nieto (U. of Barcelona)

4.5 Inquisitors and womenDelfi Nieto (U. of Barcelona)

Optional videos:

4.6 Curbing dissidence: From Beguines to NunsJoão Luís Fontes (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

4.7 The alumbradas: 16th-century heretics?Ángela Muñoz (U. of Castilla-La Mancha)

UNIT 5: Spiritual Landscapes

5.1 An Atlas of Female Spirituality (CLAUSTRA)Núria Jornet (U. of Barcelona)

5.2 Nunneries and the TerritoryXavi Costa, Maria Soler (U. of Barcelona)

5.3 Nunneries in the cityGemma Colesanti (CNR, Italy), Antonio Bertini (CNR, Italy), Maria Soler (U. of Barcelona)

5.4 Reconstructing SpacesCaroline Bruzelius (Duke University)

5.5 The Observant ReformationMarimar Graña (Pontifical University of Comillas)

Optional videos:

5.6 Medieval Spaces TodayLucila Mallart (U. of Nottingham)

5.7 Women & AssistancePol Bridgewater (U. of Barcelona)

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