Spiritual Landscapes is a multidisciplinar project revolving around two complementary approaches:


First, Spiritual Landscapes, heir to Claustra-Atlas of female spirituality in the Peninsular Kingdoms, aims to delve deeper into the forms of reception, transformation and development of female spirituality in the different territories of the Iberian Peninsula and their historical areas of influence, and also to perform comparative studies of male and female spaces of spirituality.

Secondly, Spiritual Landscapes aspires to further develop a methodology based on a holistic analysis of the medieval religious topography at different spatial scales.


Spiritual Landscapes has been conceived as a digital humanities project, thus pivoting on the interplay between digital and religious spaces. Our online platform aims to:


Provide a window to the research carried out by the Team, but also to channel and boost the research conducted by its members.

Be available to the international research community and the public from the very beginning as a "work in progress". This includes not only research data but also future paths for our research.

Open up a space for public engagement, education, outreach activities and knowledge transfer.


Spiritual Landscapes revolves around four research lines and two levels of action:


The research lines correspond to four different approaches and interpretations of models for landscape analysis at four different scales: Line 1 Monastic Landscapes, Line 2 The Nunnery and its Environment, Line 3 Inside the NunneryLine 4 Networks of Reform and Dissent.

The two levels of action are geared towards specific audiences and can be arranged into two groups: 1) Educational Experiences, and 2) Participatory Spaces for Exchange and Debate.