Building Landscapes in the Grand Tour of the Nau Côclea

A new edition of the Gran Tour of the Nau Côclea will take place from the 16th of August to the 3rd of September 2017. The Grand Tour is an experience that, since three years ago, allows all types of public to take part in a route around the Catalan geography and embrace the art of walking and… the art along the walk.

Many contemporary artists take part in the Grand Tour, and, over an almost three-week journey, each of them does a personal proposal of music, dance, art in nature or poetry.

This year, the journey stretches from Núria to Montserrat, going through many monasteries, sanctuaries and spaces that foster a long spiritual tradition. For this reason, and since the art of walking allows for a renewed interpretation of the landscape, the project Spiritual Landscapes wants to be present and share this experience.

We want to walk to exchange knowledge, while performing specific actions that prove to the walker how it is possible to merge into the landscapes diachronically and become imbued with the echoes of the past. But we want, at the same time, to know this same spiritual landscapes from both the public and the artist’s contemporary view, to collect their perspectives, their inner landscapes, their snapshots.

Here are some of the results of the enterprise:

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Laura de Castellet talks to Blanca Garí about soundscapes for the magazine Núvol

For more information please visit the web page of Côclea and that of the Grand Tour. Here you will find the report of the 2017 Grand Tour.