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Support for postdoctoral fellowships


ADHUC—Research Center for Theory, Gender, Sexuality offers scientific support for researchers applying for postdoctoral fellowships (Ministerios, Unió Europea, ICREA, CAPES, CONACYT, CONICET, etc.). Candidates must meet the eligibility criteria and have an excellent CV and the intention of carrying out research within the research areas of one of the senior members of the research group (SGR) Creación y pensamiento de las mujeres, that is, with a focus on gender in the following fields:

  • Ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary literature and transmedia narratives / Art, cinema, comics
  • Philosophical thought by women
  • Modern and contemporary feminist theory
  • LGTBQ studies / Politics of desire
  • Cultural studies / Popular culture
  • Postcolonial studies / Community, nation / Migrant literature
  • Modernity and postmodernity / Deconstruction / Contemporary experiences of time
  • Translation and Feminist Studies
  • Bioethics and Women's Health

ADHUC does not offer postdoctoral contracts.


Prospective candidates should send a message using the contact form, including a brief description of their research project and any other relevant information.


A committee of three members of the senior ADHUC research team evaluates the applications according to the following general criteria of selection: interest and innovative potential of the project in relation to the center's lines of research; excellence of the candidate's CV; relevance to call for projects; university guidelines. The resolution is communicated individually and in writing.