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PhD Fellowships



ADHUC-Theory, Gender, Sexuality Research Centre does not call for pre-doctoral contracts.


The research staff at ADHUC is open to receiving proposals to provide scientific guidance in the process of applying for predoctoral contracts and to determine whether the proposal is in line with the specific academic interests of the academics involved (current research groups and projects), as well as with the availability of the research staff at the Research Centre at any given time.


The person applying for this scientific consultancy must meet the requirements of the calls for proposals from agencies, institutions and universities (AGAUR, Ministries, Recercaixa, European Union, CAPAS, CONACYT, CONICET, etc.) and have an excellent CV.


In addition, they must intend to carry out a thesis with the ADHUC research team, at the Universitat de Barcelona or at one of the universities of the collaborating staff within their fields of research, i.e. studies with a gender or sexuality perspective in the following fields: 

  • Ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary literature 
  • Transmedia storytelling / Art, film, comic strips 
  • Women's philosophical production 
  • Modern and contemporary feminist theory 
  •  LGTBIQ studies / Politics of desire 
  • Cultural studies / Popular culture 
  • Postcolonial Studies / Community, Nation / Migrant Literature 
  • Translation and Feminist Studies 
  • Bioethics and women's health

The decision whether or not to support a proposal will be taken by an academic who is qualified to supervise doctoral theses, implying the integration of the selected person in a research group or project. This decision will respond exclusively to the interests and availability of the academic in question, in the exercise of his/her academic freedom.


Those interested in applying should send a message with a cover letter and CV, the transcripts of their bachelor's degree and/or master's degree (if available), and a brief description of their research project through this contact form.