We host researchers and students who seek to carry out their research at our center.

What do we offer?

We have over 20 years of experience in sociolinguistics and linguistic policy, and we have a multidisciplinary team capable of responding to academic, institutional, business, or educational needs.

At the university

Are you a student?

Would you like to carry out your research with us? At CUSC, we offer various options for collaborating with research projects:

Opportunities for collaboration with CUSC will be published on the respective webpages of each research area, CUSC, and the Universitat de Barcelona.


Are you an educator?

Would you like to guide, advise, or direct projects and studies on sociolinguistics? If you are carrying out a research project or doctoral thesis and would like an adviser specialized in the material, contact us at cusc@ub.edu.

Do you need teaching support on subjects related to sociolinguistics? Our center offers guidance, support, and tools to enrich and strengthen your teaching.


Are you a researcher?

Would you like to apply for a stay as a visiting researcher? If you are affiliated with another university and would like to carry out research in the fields of sociolinguistics or linguistic policy, you can apply to be admitted as a visiting researcher at the Universitat de Barcelona through CUSC. This affiliation will grant you access to the UB’s physical and virtual library collection, as well as introductory language courses, and provides you with a point of support for your research in Barcelona (this option does not include monetary remuneration or housing).

Do you need guidance for your research? For dedicated library guidance on Catalan sociolinguistics, contact the Universitat de Barcelona Library or the Documentation Center of the Secretaria de Política Lingüística (Secretariat for Language Policy) .


We analyze and propose concrete measures in linguistic policy

Our activity

The members of CUSC direct our specialized knowledge towards the rest of society in a variety of different ways.

Analysis and knowledge transfer

We collaborate with various institutions on research design, data use, and results analysis: for example, on the respective Surveys of Linguistic Use for various Catalan-speaking territories, the Sociodemographic and Linguistic Surveys of the Consell Superior d’Avaluació del Sistema Educatiu of the Generalitat de Catalunya, or various surveys for the Consell Català de la Joventut.

Consulting in the public and private sector

CUSC members provide consulting to public and private institutions on initiatives related to linguistics and communications management in a diverse array of contexts.

For example, we have provided consulting for and participated in various television reports, contributed to events such as Donosti-San Sebastián European Capital of Culture (2016), Dei Nynorske Festspela, Nynorsk kultursentrum (2018), or the Nederlandse Taalunie-Orde van den Prince (The Netherlands). The public institutions we have collaborated with include the Direcció General de Política Lingüística of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Direcció General de Política Lingüística of the Govern Balear, the Direcció General de Política Lingüística i Gestió del Multilingüisme of theGeneralitat Valenciana, the Consell Insular of Menorca, the Consell Insular of Formentera, and the autonomous Government of Northern Ireland. In the area of civil society, we have worked with the Fundació Jaume Bofill, Plataforma per la Llengua, or the Soziolinguistika Klusterra of Euskal Herria, among others.



Scientific outreach

Besides the journal Llengua, Societat i Comunicació and the Apunts de sociolingüística i política lingüística, CUSC members regularly publish articles on topics related to language and communication, as well as speaking to journalists and media outlets who express interest in these topics for media reports. The media outlets where our members have made appearances include:

  • Television: TV3, C33, 3/24, 8TV, BTV, Esplugues TV-Xarxa de Televisions Independents, El Punt Avui TV, and
  • Radio: Catalunya Ràdio and
  • Print press: ABC, Ara, Barcelona Metròpolis, El Punt Avui, El 9Nou, El Periódico de Catalunya, El Temps, Heraldo de Aragón, La Vanguardia, and Público.
  • Digital press: Berria, Crónica Global, Diari de la llengua, El Nacional, NacióDigital, and VilaWeb.
  • Specialized publications: All-i-oli (STEPV journal), Concret, Docència (USTEC journal), L’Avenç, Núvol, andSàpiens.
  • International media: BBC, Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company, and National Geographic, among others.

We also regularly collaborate with institutions of civil society in conferences, talks, roundtables, and a variety of other events aimed at sharing academic knowledge. Among other organizations, we have collaborated with the Ateneu Barcelonès, the Associació Cívica per la Llengua “El Tempir”, the Coordinadora d’Associacions per la Llengua Catalana, the Escola Valenciana-Federació d’Associacions per la Llengua Catalana, the Fundació Congrés de Cultura Catalana, and the Institut d’Estudis Eivissencs.