The Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona offers courses in three different languages: Spanish, Catalan and English. The majority of courses are offered in both Catalan and Spanish. The dimension of the Faculty of Economics and Business guarantees that, for the majority of bachelor courses, there is at least a group in each of the two official languages. This fact allows the students to chose to follow the course in the language with which he/she feels more comfortable with. Moreover, our Faculty is increasing each year its offer of courses in English.

When completing their application form in order to be accepted as exchange students at our Faculty, students must choose an orientative list of courses. However, we want to emphasize on the fact that the list chosen is not the final one. The students will do their final enrollment online during the month of July (First Semester or Anual Students) or January (Second Semester Students). They will receive an email with all the instructions to complete successfully the process. Students must also take into account that the courses offered at our Faculty allow only a limited number of students and we can not ensure the enrollment in a particular course.

International students are offered the possibility of attending courses of different study fields offered the Faculty of Economics and Business even if the agreement between their home university and ours is only signed for a specific study field. Students can also attend courses in other faculties of the University of Barcelona. Nevertheless, more than 50% of the total number of courses enrolled have to belong to our faculty. In order to check the other Faculties of the University of Barcelona please visit the following link.