Grup de Recerca de Geobotànica i Cartografia de la Vegetació
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Floristics and Taxonomy

Ecology of plant communities

Vegetation mapping

Research Group
Geobotánica y Cartografía de la Vegetación

University of Barcelona
Facultad de Biologia
Av. Diagonal, 643
08028 Barcelona

Tel.: +34 934 021 476
X (Twitter): @GeovegUB

LIFE RESQUE ALPYR. News on the blog about a restoration action for high mountain wetlands
The abandonment of traditional livestock and forestry practices has caused an increase in the colonization of trees in mountain wetlands. To stop the decline in the water table and improve the state of conservation of the habitat, we have participated in a deforestation action in the Pla Muntaner wetland (Alt Pirineu natural park) 
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LIFE RESQUE ALPYR. Information note (September 2023)
The LIFE RESQUE ALPYR project carries out conservation and restoration actions in Les Estanyeres (Pyrenees). 
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PYREPEAT: How climate change and overgrazing affect carbon cycling in Pyrenean peatlands?
The project "PYREnean PEATlands and carbon (C) cycling: the role of overgrazing and climate change" (PYREPEAT) has started. This project aims to characterize the distribution of peaty soils and carbon in Pyrenean peatlands, and to analyse the effect of overgrazing and climate change on them. 
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ALFAwetlands, a project for the study of wetlands and their role in mitigating climate change
The project Wetland restoration for the future, ALFAwetlands, has been launched, dedicated to knowledge of the distribution and characteristics of European wetland systems. The aim is maximize their role in mitigating climate change and conserving biodiversity. This is a project financed by the HORIZON EUROPE programme. 
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Grup de Recerca de Geobotànica i Cartografia de la Vegetació
Universitat de Barcelona. Facultat de Biologia
Avinguda Diagonal, 643. 08028 Barcelona
Tel.: +34 934 021 476 - X (Twitter): @GeovegUB