GiM’s researchers receive funding to study carbon pricing in transport

The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation will finance the research project Trans-P-Clima (“Carbon Pricing in transport: a Climate policy evaluation”) intended to analyze the scope of climate policies in transport. Transport is the only sector that has not reduced its CO2 emissions since 1990, which is why the project wants to focus its efforts on evaluating the different policies available today that seek to decarbonize it. Among these policies to be evaluated, the one that stands out, due to its controversy and potential distributive impact, is that of “carbon pricing”, consisting of taxing the tonne of CO2 emitted by the different means of transport. A second line of research will investigate the role that the train must play in the ecological transition. The research team is made up of a team of transport economists and a team of environmental economists, most of whom are from the University of Barcelona (GiM) and the rest from various prestigious institutions (Universidade de Vigo , UNED and DIW of Berlin). The principal investigador of this project is Jordi Teixidó.