3 Researchers From GiM in World’s Top 2% Scientists List by Stanford University

Every year Stanford University publishes a report with the World top 2% of the most cited researchers in the world in different fields. By means of standarized indicators based on Scopus, researchers at Stanford updated the list with data until september 2021 to publish the update 2022 of their yearly report. As last year, Daniel Albalate, Germà Bel and Xavier Fageda appear again in the top 2% of most cited researchers in social sciences in the world. The three researchers from our research group are consolidated and placed in top positions in the rankings including researchers with primary affiliations to Catalan and Spanish Universities and Research Centers in areas such as Economics, Political Sciences and Administration and Logistics and Transport.


Daniel Albalate:

    • Social Sciences: Top 2% (World)
    • Primary field: Logistics and Transportation: 1rst (Catalonia); 2nd (Spain)


Germà Bel:

  • Social Sciences: Top 1% (World)
  • Primary field: Economia: 3er (Catalunya); 7è (Espanya)
  • Secondary field: Political Science and Public Administration 1rst (Catalonia), 3rd (Spain).

Xavier Fageda:

  • Social Sciences: Top 2%(World)
  • Primary field: Logistics and Transportation: 2nd (Catalonia), 5th (Spain)