Joan-Ramon Borrell



Post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Economics of the University of Harvard (2000-2001). PhD in Economics at The University of Barcelona (1999). MA in International Political Economy at The University of Warwick (United Kingdom, 1996). BSc in Economics at The University of Barcelona (1993).


Research interests:

  • Empirical IO and Public Policy Evaluation
  • Competition & Regulation, Essential Services & Facilities
  • Pharmaceuticals, Energy

Full-text access to some of my papers

Joan Ramon Borrell

Book Contributions (in English)

  • Ordóñez , J.M.; J.R. Borrell y J.L. Jiménez & (2017) ‘European Union Anti-cartel Policy’Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Springer, New York.
  • Borrell, J. R. & C. Cassó (2014) ‘Pharmacies’ in A. Culyer (ed.) Encyclopedia of Health Economics, Elsevier.
  • Borrell, J.R. (2014) ‘The elusive challenge of improving essential service provision’ en Síndic de Greujes de Catalunya (Ed.) The provision of general interest servicies and good corporate practices, pp. 11-26, Barcelona.
  • Borrell, J. R. (2012) ‘Drug Price Regulation: Recent Trends and Downstream Neglected Issues’ in Walter García-Fontes (ed.) Incentives for R&D Investments in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Springer.
  • Borrell, J.R. (2008) ‘Fashioning Antitrust Regimes’, in Wayne D. Collins (ed.) Issues in Competition Law and Policy, vol. 1, chapter 3, ABA Section of Antitrust Law, 85-98.
  • Borrell J.R., A. Costas and R. Nonell  (2005) ‘Regulation and Competiton in the Market for Pharmaceuticals’, in J. Puig-Junoy (Ed.) The Public Funding of Pharmaceuticals. An Economic Approach, Edward Elwar, Cheltenham and Northampton EE web reference
  • Borrell J.R. (2004) ‘Berry-Levinshon-Pakes Algorithm’, in J. Segura and C. Rodríguez Braun (Ed.) An Eponymous Dictionary of Economics. A Guide to Laws and Theorems Named after Economists, Edward Elwar, Cheltenham and Northampton. EE web reference

Book Contributions (in Spanish and Catalan)

Working papers

Work in progress

  • Borrell, J.R. & C. Cassó ‘Welfare and geographic entry policies’

Teaching undergrads & grads