Carbon dioxide emissions


Greenhouse gas emissions in tons of CO2 equivalents, in the main areas of activity inventoried at the University of Barcelona.

Fossil fuels2.572,62.952,12.662,9Worse
Fugitive emissions of fluorinated gases2.655,51.362,11.526,4Better


The University of Barcelona carries out an inventory of its greenhouse gas emissions as an entity adhered to the Voluntary Emission Reduction Agreements Program of the Catalan Office of Climate Change of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Between 2017 and 2019, the emissions associated with the consumption of electricity and gas in buildings, the consumption of refrigerant gases for air conditioning equipment, vehicles that provide exclusive service to the university (whether they are UB vehicles or vehicles of companies contracted to provide services to the UB), waste generated and water consumption have been inventoried.

Total emissions have been significantly reduced between 2017 and 2019, mainly thanks to the contracting of electricity from renewable sources. Emissions associated with gas and water consumption have followed the evolution of consumption.

With regard to emissions associated with the recharge of refrigerant gases to air conditioning equipment, a significant improvement has been detected compared to 2017, which may be associated with the replacement of some old, less efficient equipment.

Transport emissions have been reduced significantly due to the progressive incorporation of hybrid vehicles (Rector’s Office car) and electric vehicles (Audiovisual Unit van). Finally, waste emissions have decreased by 5% thanks to the start of selective collection of the organic matter fraction in buildings.

NOTE: Data for 2019 are pending verification as of the date of updating this sheet (04/27/2020).