Electricity consumption


Amount of electricity consumed in the buildings of the University of Barcelona in different uses (lighting, operation of electrical and electronic devices, air conditioning, etc.)

Total UB consumption (MWh)40.94639.82039.84538.04929.454Better
Consumption per unit area (kWh / m²)71,167,869,666,551,4Better
Consumption per person (kWh)618,4594,7598,2576,1454,7Better


Electricity consumption increased by 84% for the UB as a whole between 1995 and 2010, while the increase in the same period was 40% per m2 of built area.

This growing trend reflects both the increased use of energy in air conditioning (especially the increase in air conditioning systems in summer) and laboratory machinery or electronic devices, and the increase in built area with the sum of the buildings of at the UB.

From 2010 onwards, there is a change in trend due to the closure of buildings during holiday periods, the awareness of the university community, greater control of air conditioning systems and the implementation of savings actions, such as the implementation of LED type luminaires or the renovation of some air conditioning installations. Thus, between 2010 and 2019, consumption decreased by a total of 25.4% and 33.1% by m² of built-up area.

The reduction in 2020, with 23% less consumption than the previous year, reflects the closure of activity for a few weeks due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Evolution of UB electricity consumption