“We are responsible” campaign

With the beginning of the year 2023, the Plan to promote energy saving at the University of Barcelona has been launched, which includes a series of effective and fast-applying measures to reduce energy consumption in the institution, without alter the normal functioning of the UB. The measures, debated by an Energy Crisis Commission made up of a group of members of the UB community, should contribute to reducing the energy cost for the UB by 2023. Among the lines of action included in the plan, there is a communication and awareness campaign entitled “We are responsible”, which seeks the active involvement of the UB community in this common goal. On this page you will find all the information and resources of the campaign, which, in addition to the economic savings associated with reducing consumption, wants to promote a reduction in the environmental impact derived from energy consumption at the UB.

Energy saving campaign banner "We are responsible!"
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Available in PDF. Print only the model you need and use it responsibly.

Posters to print. Energy saving campaign "We are responsible!"
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