Capçalera repte d'eficiència energètica

First auction of awards and academic recognition for the challenge of energy saving UB

Since February, the University of Barcelona has been carrying out the UB’s energy sustainability challenge, which encourages the entire university community to adopt new lifestyles and expand their knowledge of sustainability and climate change.

Currently, there are more than 300 people participating, from all faculties and groups, and day after day this number keeps increasing. Together we are making progress towards the target set by the challenge, which is to reduce our emissions by 200 tons. At the time of writing this news, almost 20% of this figure has already been reached, and almost a thousand weekly sustainability habits have been completed.

On March 30, the first sub-auction of the challenge was held, where 15 prizes were distributed on sustainable criteria among the participants with the most points. Among the options that have been imported are bamboo sunglasses, several T-shirts, a sweatshirt, a backpack, hygiene and cosmetic items, and different reusable objects to reduce waste generation (bags, straws, cutlery or a reusable bottle).

A més de poder accedir a aquests premis, l’alumnat que participi en el repte i faci els cursos de formació podrà aconseguir el reconeixement d’un crèdit acadèmic al seu grau.

If you have not yet joined the challenge, we encourage you to participate!

This is one of the actions of the communication campaign “We are responsible” to promote energy saving at the UB, and is included both in the ‘Climate emergency’ objective of the roadmap for implementing sustainability actions at the UB, and in goal CA3 (to carry out energy saving awareness actions throughout the university community) of the University of Barcelona’s Agenda 2030.

Acadèmic recognition of the energy saving challenge