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Grants and financial aid

It is recommended to consult  grants and scholarshipsfor master's students  to be inform about the requirements, procedures and deadlines for applying for a scholarship or grant.

There are grants and universitary aids at any stage and of all sorts: to do research, to participate in exchange programs, access to summer courses, for further study or research abroad, to get work experience in other countries, etc.

All this information is accessible from the portal Fellowship World UB.


Information material about " Fellowship guide" available in this link

- Oferta tema de investigación para la convocatoria de contratos predoctorales para la formación de profesores universitarios FPU 2020. More information

From the Ecosystem Oceanography Group (GRECO) of the IEO in the Balearic Islands we are looking for a candidate for the currently open call for FPU 2019 grants in a project on 'Vulnerability and adaptive capacity of marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean Sea'.

Beca per tesi doctoral (Cell-based biosensors coupled to electrochemical transducers for the detection of marine toxins) de l’IRTA de San Carles de la Ràpita 

Doctoral thesis Scholarship  Fijación biólogica de N2 y organismos responsables (Ecología Microbiana)