Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

On behalf of all the staff and personnel at the Faculty of Chemistry, I would like to offer a few words of welcome to everyone who has come here to access our webpage.

The Faculty of Chemistry is a leading institution, within both the Catalan and Spanish university systems. It has long been recognized as the best public university faculty in Spain for studying chemistry, in national and international rankings. In addition to our bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Materials Engineering, the current offering also encompasses university master’s degrees and doctoral programmes. Likewise, our international outlook is reflected in our participation in two Erasmus Mundus Master's Programmes, one of which is directly coordinated by a professor at the Faculty.

To complement this educational offering, personnel at the Faculty of Chemistry conduct highly advanced research, with some 34 consolidated research groups certified by the Government of Catalunya and direct participation in various research institutes. Diverse members of Faculty staff are involved in national and international research projects, and it has been shown that we have the highest level of scientific output of any university centre dedicated to chemistry in the country.

With respect to our great tradition, today the Faculty of Chemistry faces many challenges to guarantee its continuous modernization and renewal: ensure generational change and the promotion of teaching and research staff; consolidate and expand the international presence at the Faculty; adequately hire and train administrative and service staff to cover the work they do; renovate classrooms and laboratory facilities; finalise our self-protection plan; promote knowledge transfer, and open the Faculty to the professional world and the general public. To meet these challenges, the Dean’s Office is relying on everyone’s support.

It is with this willingness to serve that I encourage you to come and get to know our Faculty, with the assurance that here you will find the competence, interest and effort to satisfy your highest demands.


Miquel Vidal Espinar
Dean, Faculty of Chemistry