Facilities and equipment

To carry out its activities in teaching and research, the Faculty of Chemistry has all the necessary facilities and equipment housed in two adjacent buildings of different ages.

The first building, opened in 1969, comprises:

Floor 0: General services and maintenance, and scientific and technical services.

Floor 1: Information points, the Secretary’s Office for Students and Teaching Staff, general classrooms 101–105, computer rooms 1A and 1B, general laboratories, the multipurpose laboratory, and general services.

Floor 2: Inorganic Chemistry Section

Floor 3: Analytical Chemistry Section

Floor 4: Physical Chemistry Section

Floor 5: Organic Chemistry Section

Floor 6: Organic Chemistry Section and Chemical Engineering Section

Floor 7: Materials Science and Engineering Section and general services and maintenance (link in Catalan).

The second building, inaugurated in 2005, holds the Faculty of Chemistry library; Administration of the Centre, and the General Affairs Office; the Enric Cassasas lecture hall; copy services; computer rooms 2A, 2B and 2C; general classrooms; research laboratories and, shared with the Faculty of Physics, the cafeteria. All these facilities are arranged around the multipurpose open space known as the Solar Atrium.

Some of these spaces, including general classrooms, the Enric Cassasas lecture hall, laboratories, vestibules and the Solar Atrium, can be hired for scientific and social events. For more information consult the section on External relations.