Unit of Quality, Environment and Safety

The UQMAS, created in 2001 and originally attached to the Faculty of Chemistry, became the strategic response to the specific needs of the faculty in relation to quality, the environment and safety. Since 1996 the Faculty had created the Quality Committee, which was the main driving force with the subsequent support of the UQMAS from its creation for the implementation, first of all, of a Quality System in Teaching Laboratories such as pioneering initiative in the beginnings of quality management in the Faculty and, subsequently, with the arrival of the official undergraduate and master's degrees, work is being done on the design, implementation, review and improvement of the Internal Quality Assurance System (SAIQU ), which includes all the teaching, both theoretical and practical, and the related processes of the Faculty.

As a result of the various successive structural modifications as the university has evolved to the current organizational structure, the technical staff became part of the organizational chart of the Office of Safety, Health and Environment (OSSMA) and, finally and once created the Quality Agency of the UB (current APQUB), has been organically attached to this body, with which cooperation tasks are carried out and on which it organically depends, while the functional dependency falls on the deanship of the Faculty of Chemistry, context in which he performs, among others, the functions of secretary of the Quality Commission and the Safety, Health and Environment Commission, and in the Administration of the Physics and Chemistry Center. In this sense, the unit performs support tasks in the implementation of quality, environment and safety policies and processes in the Faculty and the Center Administration while also collaborating with the APQUB.

As recognized by the quality, environment and safety policy, the Faculty of Chemistry makes a firm commitment to continuous quality improvement in the management of all the processes carried out, from the pre-registration and enrollment of students up to the analysis of the final results of the teaching processes through tutoring, the management of external practices and the mobility of students or the management of laboratories and other spaces of the Faculty. The maximum satisfaction of the personnel involved as well as respect for the environment and the guarantee of the best health and safety conditions for all the personnel are also key aspects in which the Faculty is fully committed.


The Unit of Quality, Environment and Safety of the Faculty of Chemistry is located on the ground floor, next to the secretariat for Chemistry students. For any consultation, face-to-face care is performed in the morning. Other ways of contact are:

  • Email (preferred means of contact): uqmas@ub.edu
  • Telephone: 934 021 008 (21008 if you call from the Ibercom network of the University)


Technical manager of the unit: Josep Oriol Bernad Marcos