Governing bodies

The Faculties have a dean and a maximum of three vice-deans, as determined by the Governing Council. In addition, there is the Faculty Board, the secretary, the Academic Councils, heads of studies for the affiliated courses, a head of the secretary’s office and a centre manager.

The governing team of the Faculty of Chemistry is composed of:

  • Dean: Dr. Miquel Vidal Espinar
  • Vice-Dean of academic planning and quality: Dr. Fermín Huarte Larrañaga
  • Vice-Dean of Research and Transfer: Dra. Mercè Segarra Rubi
  • Secretary: Dra. M. Dolores Velasco Castrillo
  • Delegate of the Rector for teachers and security: Dr. Laura Rodríguez Raurell


Information about the Faculty Board (link in Catalan)