Governing bodies

The Faculties have a dean and a maximum of three vice-deans, as determined by the Governing Council. In addition, there is the Faculty Board, the secretary, the Academic Councils, heads of studies for the affiliated courses, a head of the secretary’s office and a centre manager.

Dean's office

Faculty Board and delegated comissions

The Faculty Board is the governing body of the Faculty and is governed by internal regulations.

The Faculty Board meets regularly. However, a series of delegated commissions have been created that are responsible for different aspects of the academic, research and management life of the Faculty of Chemistry. In addition, the Faculty Board may create other delegated commissions to deal with specific matters, the composition will be established by the board itself, as well as its attributions and duration.

Academic councils

The academic councils ensure the coherence and interrelation of the subjects of each teaching in the frame of the curricula and, so that the teaching adapts to the teaching plan of the subject, they inform of the teaching plans of the subjects of the teaching and follow-up, inform about the modification of the curricula, and organize and supervise the academic tutorials of the teachings. In addition, they have the task of organizing annually the teachings and courses for which they are responsible, and control and monitor the teaching.