Neuroinflammation. PI: Josep Saura Martí


The Neuroinflammation group is focused on the study of glial activation, a response of the nervous system with an inflammatory character that is triggered by various stimuli such as cell damage, abnormal protein aggregates or pathogens. The main cell players in this response are astrocytes and microglia. Dysfunction on the neuroinflammatory response, in particular a chronic exacerbation, may lead to neuronal damage and contribute to pathogenesis in a variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Our aim is the discovery and study ok proteins playing pivotal roles in the neuroinflammatory response. Such proteins could become novel pharmacological targets for the treatment of diseases with a marked neuroinflammatory component such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, amyotrohic lateral sclerosis or multiple sclerosis. In the last years we have focused on the study of transcription factors which regulate proinflammatory gene expression in microglia and in membrane receptors which mediate neuro-microglia cross-talk.

Our group works in close contact with the “Cellular Neurobiology” group from IIBB, CSIC, led by Dr Carme Solà and also hosted at the Campus Clinic.  We work with a one-group/two-labs strategy. We share protocols and equipment, co-participate in projects and papers, co-direct PhD and master students and organize seminars in common.

Josep Saura Martí
Associate professor

Jose Manuel Vidal Taboada
Collaborating Professor

Tony Valente
Assistant professor

Carme Sola Subirana

CSIC researcher

Joan Serratosa Serdà
CSIC researcher

Neus Rabaneda Lombarte
Doctoral researcher

Andrea Llaves López
Student of TFM

  • Study of glial activation
  • Study of transcription factors that regulate the expression of pro-inflammatory genes in microglia
  • Study of membrane receptors that participate in the neuron microglia dialogue

  • Búsqueda de nuevas indicaciones terapéuticas en el ámbito de enfermedades neurodegenerativas y mitocondriales para el compuesto PPAR gamma agonista MIN-102

IP: Carme Solà Subirana
Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (programa RETOS)
2018 - 2020
80.598 € (total granted 839.500,60)

  • C/EBPs microgliales como potencial diana terapéutica en la enfermedad de Parkinson

PI: Josep Saura Martí
Instituto de Salud Carlos III
2015 - 2017
110.715 €           

  • Nanoparticle delivery system for neurodegenerative disorders (European project; EURONANOMED 5th Call, 2014)

PI: Josep Saura Martí (Coordinator: Elena Kozlova, Uppsala University, Sweden)
Instituto de Salud Carlos III
2015 - 2017
67.758 €

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Rabaneda-Lombarte N, Blasco-Agell L, Serratosa j, Ferigle L, Saura J, Solà C. Parkinsonian neurotoxicants impair the anti-inflammatory response induced by IL4 in glial cells: involvement of the CD200-CD200R1 ligand-receptor pair. Sci. Rep. 2020 Jun 30;10(1):10650. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-67649-4. PMID: 32606391

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