University of Barcelona

Accounting and Taxation

Organization and teaching methodology

The study program consists of a total of 90 ECTS credits and 30 credits of required previous knowledgement.

To pursue the master’s degree, students must demonstrate previous knowledge, which correspond to the five subjects of 6 credits each (in total, 30 credits) offered in the mention of Finance and Insurance degree of Administration and Management Business of the University of Barcelona. Students who do not prove this knowledge must enroll in all or some of the subjects referred to in paragraph Recognition of prior learning.

The master’s degree consists of 90 credits, 60 of which are for required courses that can be taken partially or completely (depending on the degree of commitment) in the first year. The remaining 30 credits are distributed as follows: 15 credits distributed in two specialties and 15 credits for the Master Thesis.


  • Specialty International – Advanced Actuarial and Financial Models (in English)

It is a specialty that aims to provide greater technical training to students. It also includes research materials for students who want to continue after postgraduate studies (PhD).

In order to obtain this specialization students must take 15 credits of elective subject “Modelos Actuariales y Financieros Avanzados”.

  • Specialty Applied Actuarial and Financial Models

This specialty is intended to provide a training for students who want to delve into more applied aspects, facing the future professional dedication.

To obtain this specialty students must take 15 credits of elective matter «Applied Actuarial and Financial Models» (5 credits can be obtained by the subject of “Internships”).