University of Barcelona

Cultural Management


All students will complete a compulsory placement in a cultural organization or institution, where they will be expected to carry out management or research tasks. The placement has a study load of 10 credits and therefore requires a minimum dedication of 220 hours, which will be arranged to suit each student's availability and personal circumstances. At the end of the placement students will submit a report in which they should reflect on the experience and what they have learned.

Placements are intended to complement the theoretical knowledge acquired during the course, enabling students to experience first-hand the links between theory and practice, to understand the context in which cultural institutions work and the values and organizational culture they espouse, to develop an applied understanding of their field and acquire practical competences, and to use their experience as the basis for reflection on professional practice in cultural management. The experience gives students direct contact with the culture sector and the chance to engage in specific work that will provide practical expertise and valuable professional contacts. Students who wish to specialize in research will either complete the placement in a research centre or be assigned specific research tasks at their designated cultural organization or institution. Students with a professional focus should complete the placement in a cultural organization or institution that works in their specific area of interest.

Placements are coordinated by Tino Carreño (

Students may begin their placement at any point in the second semester. There are no geographical restrictions, so placements may also be completed during Erasmus placements outside Spain. The timetable, specific conditions and duration of placements should be agreed between the student, the tutor at the host organization/institution/centre and the Faculty's placement coordinator. Further information on the selection process, general regulations and specific conditions can be found in the course plan for the subject Placements in Cultural Management.

Over the last academic years, Cultural Management students have completed placements at a wide range of organizations.